Our Fundamentals


Our Mission is to exalt Jesus Christ, educate the believer and engage the culture.


Our strategy is to create environments for people to know Jesus Christ and advance the kingdom.

Core values are governing values, which reveal belief systems and prioritize what is most important.

Love, Family, Doctrine, Training and Destiny are core values, which highlight what Rivers is all about.

LOVE is essential to the development of the believer. Therefore we are adamant about cultivating LOVE in every aspect of the ministry. We desire that LOVE would flow and be present in all we do.  God is LOVE and the gifts He has given us and even our faith in Him work by LOVE.

FAMILY is imperative for the health, vitality and overall blessing of society. The strength and continuity of any entity is only as potent as its core group. FAMILY is the foundational core of God’s Kingdom. Our commitment is to see FAMILIES, restored and flourishing.

DOCTRINE is pivotal to the growth, stability and soundness of the believer. God’s Word is the foundation and framework for all believers who will contribute to advancing His Kingdom. As a local Church we purpose to utilize DOCTRINE as the blueprint for all that we do.

TRAINING is essential to the activation, cultivation and equipping of the believer. Christ spent over 3 years TRAINING His team. This ultimately led to His disciples being empowered to do the works He did. Rivers is dedicated to getting the same results, so we TRAIN and TRAIN again.

DESTINY provides a clear path to the future. There are often a myriad of options that will arise to detour DESTINY. Steadfastness is a mark of distinction that often reveals the path to DESTINY.  Rivers is devoted to creating environments that will expose believers to their DESTINY and help them navigate their course.


    • We are committed to advancing the KINGDOM OF GOD
    • We are committed to ministering the GOSPEL TO THE NATIONS
    • We are committed to cultivating and activating GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT
    • We are committed to LOVING PEOPLE
    • We are committed to being a BENEVOLENT PEOPLE
    • We are committed to upholding the DOCTRINE OF CHRIST
    • We are committed to ministering to the needs of the POOR
    • We are committed to working as a TEAM
    • We are committed to FAMILY
    • We are a people of EXCELLENCE