Ephesians 4:11-13

Apostle Stephen A. Garner:

Apostle Stephen A. and Prophetess Yolonda Garner are the senior leaders of Rivers of Living Water Ministries International.Apostle Garner is anointed to preach strong revelatory Kingdom messages to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ; imparting present truth that brings reformation and restoration. His greatest passion is to see the Body of Christ activated in fervent prayer, powerfully operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and fulfilling their call and destiny. Apostle Stephen also flows in a strong prophetic and deliverance ministry.In addition to overseeing a growing Chicago congregation, Rivers of Living Water Ministries International has been instrumental in planting several churches and serving as an apostolic covering for several ministries globally. Apostle Garner and Rivers’ ministry team have trained and equipped, nationally and internationally, Believer’s in the School of Prayer, the School of the Prophetic, School of Deliverance, Ministry Leadership Training, School of Worship and Dance Bootcamp.Apostle Garner has authored over 15 books and manuals on prayer, deliverance, the apostolic and the prophetic.

Prophetess Yolonda Garner is a woman of virtue who desires to see the body of Christ developed as a whole but particularly passionate about seeing women healed and moving in the purposes of God. She flows in a powerful prophetic grace with intensity and uncanny accuracy. Prophetess Garner oversees the Women’s Ministry (Women of the Word) and has initiated an extension of this ministry to include Sister 2 Sister whose purpose is to cultivate intentional relationships amongst women. Additionally, she oversees the facilitation of events, conferences and monthly prayer gatherings with the intent of strengthening and equipping members of the body of Christ. These gatherings include prayer for our local communities, the nations as well as the family structure. Near and dear to her heart are the planned events that help to keep the fellowship amongst the brethren strong.

Prophetess Yolonda J. Garner travels to the nations along with her husband Apostle Stephen A. Garner to build and equip international ministries with apostolic and prophetic tools.

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Elder Willard and Prophetess Dervita Willette true pillars in the house, serve as the overseers of the Helps Ministry which includes deacons, ushers, greeters, security, hospitality and the altar workers.Prophetess Dervita is also one of
the worship team leaders and Kingdom Foundation Class Teacher.
Elder Jeff and Sister Brenda Crawford, are Overseer’s of the Family Counseling Ministry.Elder Jeff also oversees an arm of the Evangelism ministry. He serves on the worship team and both of them work closely with the hospitality team.
Elder Bill Dorsey serves as the lead assistant in the Teaching Ministry for our Kingdom Foundation Class. He also oversees the Pastoral Care Ministry, functions as a ministry counselor and worship team member.

Elder Aqua Robins is a governmental prophet, She’s the person of the Prophetic Ministry. Elder Aqua facilitates monthly prophetic gathers in Rivers and conducts an annual prophetic school. She travels frequently ministering to local churches and strengthening prophetic teams.
Kingdom Foundation Teacher and Lead Intercessor.  Prophet Philip Harris works closely with Elder Robins as a pillar in the Prophetic Ministry. He ministers with tremendous grace as a preacher of the Gospel. He is also a teacher of the Kingdom Foundation Class and a lead intercessor.
Pastor Jeneice McClay is graced with the Spirit of Wisdom and the ability to love and nurture those in need of a mother’s touch.Pastor Jeneice works with Elder Dorsey on the Pastoral Care Team.

Deacon Johnny and Deaconess Nancy Jefferies are diligent and faithful to the call, the Jefferies serve in a supportive capacity in the Helps Ministry with the greeters, ushers and security. The two of them are part of the deliverance and evangelism teams.
Deaconess Cheryl Brown is uncompromisingly faithful and dependable. Deaconess Cheryl serves in a supportive capacity to the Helps Ministry and is a team captain for the greeters and ushers.
Sister Nina Joiner serves as executive assistant to Apostle Stephen A. Garner and the manager of The Resource Center (which includes books, cds, dvds, etc.)

Rodney Williams and Prophetess Etta Williams are committed to releasing worship that touches the heart of God. Minstrel Rodney Williams oversees the Praise, Pageantry and Media Ministry. Prophetess Etta is member of the praise team, prophetic team leader and oversees the Youth Ministry.

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